We’re relationship managers, tech leads, first responders, executives, and more—but we’re also real people (who are really fun to work with). Meet some of the people who make IronEdge happen and learn more about who we are and what we do all day. For our November 2017 Spotlight, meet Ruben Lombrana.

1. What is your role at IronEdge?
I am the Vice President of Client Experience for the IronEdge Group Houston clients. I ensure that we are proactively providing a great experience to each of our clients. My job is a breeze because each and every employee that we hire is dedicated to providing exceptional service!

2. Where did you grow up?
I was born and grew up in El Paso, TX. As an adult, I accepted a job with the Department of Army and moved to Sierra Vista, AZ. After four years of missing Texas, I moved to Dallas, then San Antonio, and now the Houston area where I now call home.

3. Did you go to college? What was your major? Did you get a degree?
I graduated from the University of Texas El Paso with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

4. How did you come to work at IronEdge?
I was working for a local IT provider and feeling a bit disenchanted with the business. I would sometimes air my grievances to a good friend that worked at IronEdge Group. One day he told me that there had been some changes at IronEdge Group and that I might consider making a move. I met with the company executives and quickly realized that IronEdge Group was focused on helping their clients. I was extremely impressed with the morals and values of the company and made the easy decision to come work here.

5. What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?
I enjoy playing poker, fishing, boating, camping, and watching sports. I also enjoy serving at the Brook Church, specifically in the special needs ministry. Having a special needs child, I understand the difficulty some parents can have attending service. By volunteering my time to care for special needs children, their parents can attend service in peace, knowing their children are well cared for.

6. What might (someone) be surprised to know about you? Do you have a hidden talent?
My talent is so well hidden that I have not yet found it.

7. Do you have a favorite newspaper, blog, technology resource?
Of course, my favorite blog can be found here: /blog

8. Do you have any pets?
I have two dogs. Silly (short for Silhouette) is a Jack Russel/Cocker Spaniel mix. The black and white markings on her back resemble a silhouette. Sadie is a yellow lab that belongs to my oldest son, but now lives with us. They both bring a lot of joy to our lives.

9. What’s on your bucket list?
I don’t have a bucket list. If I did, I’d probably put playing the WSOP main event and visiting Spain on it. Specifically I’d like to visit Lombrana, Spain in case I’m royalty there 😉

10. What do you like most about your job at IronEdge?
I like working with happy clients and happy employees. It’s a lot of fun solving business problems for our clients with technology solutions. It’s very fulfilling when a client tells me how well our team has done solving a problem or implementing a solution. It’s also enjoyable hearing how proud our engineers are of their work. There aren’t big egos here and everyone works very well together.

11. Is there something that you think of as your first memory or something that stands out from when you started at IronEdge?
During my first week here, I attended a meeting where the client was talking to a competitor that was offering service at a fraction of the price of our service. It was obvious the client was trying to beat us down on price with a threat. Our CEO looked the client in the eye and said “if you’re making your decision just on price, we’re not a fit for you.” It was very refreshing to hear this, as most companies would not have hesitated to drop price without regard to the cost of delivering top notch service. I’ve come to learn that IronEdge is focused on forming mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.