b2ap3_thumbnail_rockin_around_with_managed_it_400.jpgAn I.T. parody song to the tune of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Lookin’ around in my PC
Cause the hard drive’s seemed to stop,
Dust bunnies hung where you can see,
Should I use a break-fix shop?

Lookin’ around in my PC
Typin’ questions into BING,
Looks like all my files are erased,
It just makes me want to scream!

You will get a nauseating feeling when you hear,
Techies saying, “That looks faulty,”
Gasp! That bill is just ungodly!

Shoppin’ around for something else,
And I found managed I.T.,
Now I’m dancin’ merrily,
With the new proactive way.

(Sax solo)

You will get a tantalizing feeling when you hear,
Our techs saying, “You are covered,
Look, your files are recovered,”

Rockin’ around the business day,
With working technology,
Everyone dancing merrily,
With the new proactive way.