Proactive Technology Support – Keeps You Working

Lost productivity is one of the largest hidden IT costs businesses face today and few companies can afford both the indirect and direct costs of unmanaged technology. Lack of regular maintenance, network and system downtime, viruses and spyware can lead to diminished productivity that is both expensive and unnecessary.

Keep your business and your employees working with proactive monitoring, routine maintenance, patching and software updates from ManagedIRON. With tried and tested operational processes and effective results, it’s clear why IronEdge stands out among other Managed Service providers.

ManagedIRON Includes:

  • EmailEDGE
  • BackupIRON
  • Leading industry tools
  • Dedicated product managers
  • Ongoing employee training and certifications
  • Reliable support staff that answers when you call
  • Not a hardware or software reseller, so you get honest recommendations and great prices

No Matter Where Users Work – Remote Tech Support

The ManagedIRON platform extends beyond the central corporate office to branch locations and even to remote workers spread around the globe. IronEdge provides worldwide remote support for your business technology needs.

Expert IT Help Desk Support When You Need It

Whether by phone, email or instant chat, the ManagedIRON support team interacts with end-users via secure remote control, automated processes and other leading technologies to troubleshoot and solve issues. All support team members are Help Desk Institute (HDI) certified and utilize ITIL standards for support desk best practices to ensure outstanding user experiences.

Don’t Let IT Challenges Hold You Back! Contact us today for a consultation and start optimizing your business today. We take the time to understand your technology needs and business goals.