September 17, 2020: Webinar – Demystifying Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive keeps your photos and files backed up, protected, synced and accessible on all your devices. Getting started might seem intimidating, but our team has the wheels greased for you. In this webinar, we’ll help you understand what OneDrive does well and the problems it can solve.

September 24, 2020: Microsoft Dashboard in A Day

A one-day, hands-on workshop for business analysts that covers the full capabilities of Power BI. At the end of the day, attendees will better understand how to: Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources, define business rules and KPIs, explore data with powerful visualization tools, build stunning reports and share dashboards with their team and business partners, and publish them to the web.

October 8, 2020: Webinar – Security Programs and Management

Cybersecurity in 2020 is more important than ever before. That’s why companies are finding it imperative to implement security programs into their business. But, where do you start? In this webinar we’ll break it down for you and provide the clarity you need to get started on the path of securing your business.    

October 22, 2020: Power BI Advanced Training

Is your team already using Power BI? Are you looking to take your team’s capabilities to the next level? If so, this event is for you. This training is led by IronEdge’s experienced team of Business Intelligence professionals to help your business get the most out of its current BI program. 

November 5, 2020: EOY 2020 – Be Prepared for Anything

2020 has been a year of unknowns – complete with numerous curveballs thrown at individuals and businesses across the globe. After months of pivoting, what’s next for business owners? What should you be considering as you close out the year and plan for 2021? In this webinar, we will walk you through how to be sure you have adequately prepared, and the technology needed to get you there successfully.

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