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Let your techs focus on important initiatives by outsourcing some of your it

As you grow, your IT needs grow as well. This means the need for more support, internal projects, and maintenance to keep your tech running smoothly. Instead of hiring additional internal staff, businesses rely on IronEdge. We’re not here to compete with your current IT staff, but to supplement your existing IT department and fill any gaps.

Not only do we deliver our people - we bring in our experience, our processes, and our enterprise-level tools to establish an extremely intimate relationship with your organization.

Server Management

If your company’s central computing hub experiences outages, or is consistently having operational problems, the result is a lot of waste; wasted time and wasted money. This interrupts your IT staff from company initiatives and internal projects, only to face persistent threats without enough thorough network support coverage.

IronEdge delivers professional managed IT services to companies whether they have an in-house IT staff or not. We can ensure that your organization has the IT support coverage they need to keep your servers up and running effectively. Our experienced technicians reliably manage and maintain the integrity of your network remotely and on-site, providing support 24 hours a day.

Network and Security Management

It’s true that viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and other cyber attacks have become a major problem for 21st century businesses, and it appears to be an issue that is not going away.

Many organizations depend on their IT department to keep the network and endpoint devices clear from these types of threats. Often times, with your IT staff’s resources allocated to other initiatives, your company is left exposed to dangers that could potentially put the entire operation at risk.

IronEdge’s strategy is to eliminate all network security threats. We can deploy custom-tailored security solutions and manage application patching, while providing a detailed remote viewpoint in which to properly maintain your organization’s network security. We provide the following network support services:

  • Advanced Threat Detection

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) integration

  • Firewall management

  • Configuration automation

  • Patch management

  • Endpoint protection

  • Network monitoring

  • WLAN monitoring

  • User device management

  • 3rd party application patching

  • Content management
  • and more

End User Helpdesk Support

End-users demand a large amount of your IT staff’s time with day-to-day support needs. This prevents new initiatives from getting off the ground. Our US-based help desk solution delivers expert IT support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, in a language you, and your staff, can understand. That kind of availability provides end-users a resource in which to troubleshoot problems and keep your technical staff on other projects.

For more information about our Co-Managed IT services, please fill out our Contact Us form or give us a call at 800-987-4766 today.

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