The wonderful new technology of cloud computing is making ripples all across the world, making everything easier for businesses. Before cloud computing, companies had to utilize infrastructures in manners far less organized and efficient. By comparing doing business before and after cloud computing, you’ll realize just how incredible it can be to move your company to the cloud!

Even common intercommunication applications like email and instant messaging show just how far business technology has come in recent years. Fifteen years ago, setting up an email application for your company would need an expensive, dedicated server specifically for that application. For anyone operating a server, they should know that it’s not an easy task to operate piece of machinery. It needs regular maintenance in order to function properly, and would normally need an in-house technician, or at least regular checkups.

Setup Made Easy
Cloud computing is simpler to set up than a traditional I.T. infrastructure. All your business needs to do is call up IronEdge Group and we will consult you on the cloud solution that will work best for your company. No longer will you need to purchase new servers and waste time setting up individual workstations. Using a hosted business application via the cloud functions just as well as an internal business app from a new server.

Maintenance Made Easy
Taking care of the server has never been easier. The cloud provider is the one who maintains the server and remotely fixes any problems associated with it. Compared to paying an I.T. technician, outsourcing your I.T. needs will no longer hold back your company’s expenses. With the money you save by outsourcing, you can hire staff that generates revenue, like marketing and sales representatives.

Finances Made Easy
Cloud computing makes things a ton easier on the operations end, but one of the biggest perks is separate from your technology. Your budget will soar thanks to cloud computing. You won’t have to buy expensive equipment and networking hardware. As a contracted service, payments are taken from your operating expenses rather than your capital. With so much extra cash around, you’ll enjoy seamless productivity with minimal interruption.

Everything Made Easy!
If you want your company to flourish, you should definitely consider cloud computing. It is an extremely valuable resource that has many other benefits for your company, such as improved mobility, stronger network security, and data backed up to the cloud, which is a much more secure method of data backup.

Ready to move to the cloud and increase your remote workforce productivity? IronEdge is here to propel your business forward. Reach out to our team today to get started!