Reynolds Frizzell LLP is a commercial litigation firm focused on resolving complex legal disputes across the globe. With nearly 250 years of combinelitigation experience, the firm has earned a reputation for their strong trial skills and willingness to try each case no matter the size, region, or industryReynolds Frizzell’s focus on strategy and tireless preparation leaves no room for frivolous litigation—only success.  


We sat down with Managing Partner – Jeremy Doyle to gain insight as to how the firm has maintained their commitment to the highest standards since its founding in 2009.  


Jeremy’s day to day consists of representing clients in court coupled with managing the administration and infrastructure of the firmAccording to Jeremy, “the support staff does a seamless job juggling the business aspects of the firm in tandem with ongoing matters and trial work.  


Not only does Reynolds Frizzell work to uphold their reputation with clients, the attorneys  are passionate about “maintaining a professional and courteous rapport with adversaries,. said Jeremy. The firm boasts a track record of being hired by former opponents, which was one of the many reasons we wanted to showcase their success.  



Company Culture 

Jeremy’s favorite aspect of working at Reynolds Frizzell is the culture, which he helped buildFrom top to bottom the firm is comprised of stand up personnelWhile attorneys put in long hours, and are often faced with intense trialsthe stressful elements  are alleviated by working alongside talented attorneys and staff who approach each case with integrity.  Jeremy statesVictory will never be at the sacrifice of integrity.” This sentiment  is core value of the firminterlaced with a team oriented and collaborative approachAt Reynolds Frizzell, it’s not about individual egos but rather achieving the best results for their clients as a unitJeremy informed us that “a firm win is a win for everyone.  



Working through Covid19 

When the remote work order was issued in March, the firm made a seamless transition to a new way of workingIn order to shift to the remote capacity, Jeremy and his the Reynolds Frizzell team ensured all employees were set up for success by granting everyone VPN accessand a home or laptop computer.  


Because inperson meetings were such a big part of the firm’s day-to-day prior to March, the firm implemented weekly townhall meetings to ensure all members of the team stay connected while working remotely. They have utilized both Zoom and Microsoft teams Teams and attorneys are even using these platforms for depositions and trialsAlthough virtual meetings aren’t quite the same as meeting in person, the firm considers them a close second and team members look forward to seeing each other each week. Prior to the pandemic, emails and accounting data were already stored in the cloud, so the firm was prepared and set up for success thanks to the technology implemented by IronEdge. 



Focused On Winning, Not Billing 

Reynolds Frizzell values individual and team involvement in the community  before the Covid19 outbreak, the firm was awarded $101,619.14 of attorney fees from a case in which the firm helped secure a landmark settlement to provide air conditioning to inmates at a Texas geriatric prison. Reynolds Frizzell is proud to have donated all of those funds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Houston and Austin Chapters in support of their “Power of Us” Virtual Promise Ball and Virtual OnePartyAnother of many reasons we are proud to showcase this exceptional client! 


Please reach out to Jeremy Doyle if you have any questions about commercial litigation.