Mize P.C. has been a loyal IronEdge client for the past 10 years. We had the opportunity to sit down with Katherine Mize of Mize PC, pick her brain on the current economic climate, and discuss how her firm is rising to the occasion by giving back to her current clientele.

Ms. Mize started the meeting with the sentiment that lawyers are made to serve clients and not the other way around. Her humility, intellect and integrity are a few of the many attributes that set her apart in the arena of employment law. We wanted to spotlight her firm and its efforts to help local businesses and discuss how Mize PC has adapted to “the new normal”. Here are some other things we learned while chatting with Ms. Mize:


Mize PC has been in business the past 10 years to help solve workplace issues for businesses and individuals. They handle contracts, lawsuits, investigations and compliance, and approach their work with compassion.



Fortunately, Mize PC was already set up to work in a remote capacity. Due to the importance of confidentiality with their clients, private internet access is pertinent to their remote workforce. They achieve this using VPN licensing, and luckily this was already deployed prior to the pandemic. The private internet access allowed them to hit the ground running once the work from home order was issued. Katherine Mize is constantly asking herself “Do our employees have what they need?” Whether it is an office chair or desktop monitor, she is dedicated to ensuring her employees are happy and productive in a remote capacity. Ms. Mize is also passionate about the success of her clients and believes their needs can best be met by a team whose needs are prioritized.



Mize PC took a proactive approach once the pandemic broke out and provided clients free guidance on the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Act, the various orders from county and state governments, and best practices to handle the evolving economic climate. Ranging from ways to spend PPP money to what it looks like to lay off employees, the Mize PC team was instantly available to answer questions and help clients get ahead of their problems. The firm also signed up to handle pro boo work for those impacted by COVID-19.

Mize PC is committed to making sure clients have easy access to communications while also being secure. They moved to Docusign for agreements and use Uber Conference for client telephone meetings. Both platforms diminish the technological skills and equipment required to log in which allows the firm to provide their services effectively, while also maintaining their standards of confidentiality.

Reach out to Katherine and her awesome team if you have questions regarding how to handle challenging employment questions: https://mizepc.com/contact/