Whad the chance to chat with the manager of IT services, Ronny Bryant to discuss what it is about Kairoi Residential that sets them apart.  Ronny informed us that he currently enjoys working for Kairoi because it is a new company allowing for a level of building out. This ability to build out the company’s technological environment allows for him to permeate his mark within the IT departmentProviding work from home solutions has been exciting, during this otherwise trying time, and has allowed Ronny to steer technological growth for the Kairoi at an operational level.  



Kairoi Residential is a premier multifamily investment, development and property management company. The name representing “moments in time where opportunities can be seized” which permeates into the creation of capturing opportunities for their residents, associates and investors. 



Prior to the pandemic, a large percentage of what Kairoi associates did on a daily basis was web-based and allowed for an overall smooth transition to remote work. “Employees having access to mobile technology and VPN licensing played a huge role in our seamless work from home transition.” said Mr. Bryant. Many employees were allowed to take their entire desktop setups home.  

Covid19 has definitely presented quite a few challenges that have required quick operational changes at both the corporate and property management level. With this being said, seventy five percent of Kairoi’s property management team still needed to show up for work. The leadership team successfully facilitated a plan on how to do so safely while staying in accordance with the CDC and state implemented guidelines. 

 By enforcing alternating schedules, and limiting contact with residents at leasing offices, they were successfully able to keep everyone safe. Kairoi staff also made sure the signage and masks for all properties was made readily available. Having access to masks before they were a requirement ensured that they were one step ahead of the gameThis proactive approach taken by the leadership at Kairoi shows their dedication to the safety and success of their community and their employees alike.  



Despite this being time of uncertainty for many residents, Kairoi is continuously working with their residents on a casebycase basis to assist with rental obligations. Seeing that unexpected changes in income and employment are currently happening, their willingness to help out during this tough time shows their dedication to their employees and residentsBy rising to the occasion and expecting the needs of their residents, we are happy to have Kairoi Residential onboard as one of our outstanding clients! 


Please reach out to Ronny and his team if you have questions about apartment living or how to thrive during these strange times: https://www.kairoi.com/