Data analysts work with clients and colleagues to find relevant data, generate enough material for analysis and prepare flowcharts and visualizations for presentation. Writing clear reports and creating effective visualizations for various members of a company at different levels of seniority is a core part of a data analyst’s routine work, in which the findings of the data analysis must be presented in an accessible and unambiguous way. Taking part in meetings and presentations to convey the findings is also a regular feature of data analyst jobs.

Data collection from literally hundreds of different sources forms a major part of a data analyst’s daily work. The analyst must then use his or her initiative to interpret the raw data and identify any patterns in it, interpretations which might be included in a presentation or report.

To begin analyzing data, data analysts must be able to render it visible. Compiling Excel spreadsheets, Power BI models and using DAX, M or SQL queries constitute another routine part of the work, as will coding and re-coding data contained within various databases to identify patterns.

Being able to clearly understand and design data models is also a core function of the role. Finding issues with data curation and normalization in order to present findings to the client or business analysts is a major job function.

Use of visualizations and storytelling with data is a core function of the position. Relying on the mentorship and input of senior analysts and business leads is critical to success.

Essential Functions:

  • Interview clients and stakeholders to determine business outcome results- not taking face value answers
  • Utilize experience in order to define business outcomes for stakeholders and clients in a clear to understand way
  • Document forecasted and actual time and work deliverables as a way to measure workload and billable time to clients
  • Stay educated through CPE, certifications, and approved materials on process methodology, current data visualization and data analysis techniques
  • Develop artifacts and deliverables to clients and stakeholders which may include, reports, data visualizations, data modeling and system documentation
  • Work directly with the BI team to deliver projects and services to clients as defined in sales and account management process
  • Perform, when possible, quantitative analysis in order to measure outcomes
  • Understand core concepts around data storage and access specifically in structured data systems such as databases
  • Understanding of mathematical concepts regarding statistics and data fundamentals
  • Strong knowledge of relational databases, statistical mathematics, and visualization tools
  • Build, present and maintain reports, dashboards and data driven models to internal and external teams and stakeholders
  • Building of data models and transformation of data to meet business needs

Technical Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or three plus years related experience
  • Weekend and evening work is possible due to projects and client issues
  • Power BI experience is required
  • Ability to program in M or DAX
  • Understand Power BI Online Services
  • Strong understanding of Row Level Security in Power BI
  • Strong experience in Excel
  • Experience in database systems is essential
  • Ability to define time requirements based on complex tasks is essential
  • Microsoft data certification (current) is a plus

Key Skills:

  • Keen ability to problem solve
  • Ability to logically plan
  • Strong oral and written communication
  • Continual desire to learn, absorb, and apply new information and skills
  • Extraordinary focus on customer service
  • Innate ability to multi-task and stay organized
  • Exhibit a professional demeanor and strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to interact in a variety of situations to include: customer service, orientations, training and networking
  • Ability to interact and communicate professionally with C-Level management



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