Tony Froelich, Vice President & Business Unit Manager is directing Fibertown’s sales and marketing teamto grow their customer base and refresh company branding. Tony is excited that he can “learn and grow with the company” while implementing business process improvement across Sales, Marketing and OperationsTony is focusing on automating performance tracking, implementing data analytics, and is pleased with the speed in which the Fibertown team is improving productivity and providing added value to their customers. 

Amy Baxter, Senior Business Development Manager, has been with Fibertown for eight years and is responsible for account acquisition, development, and retention. She enjoys working with customers to provide solutions that meet current and future IT infrastructure needs. Amy’s core focus has been to assist her team and customers by providing creative solutions during this pandemic which have also included meeting client’s new remote workforce needs in a timeframe that exceeds industry standards.  

With the pandemic there has been an increase in business due customers moving from on premises to colocation for their IT Infrastructure solutions to support remote workforce, and business continuity office space for critical 24×7 operations where work from home is not an option but separation of teams is necessary to reduce the risks associated with COVID 19.  


Company Culture 

The Operations team is what makes Fibertown a great place to be. The customers are taken care of and the support provided is what sets Fibertown apart in terms of competition. It’s been a great environment of teamwork and support to find the right solutions for our customers, and always exciting as we add new team members and improve our offering. Amy is proud of how Fibertown continues to grow and values how they strategically offer new supportive services and incentives to customersThinking outside the box and creating unique solutions for customers is the “challenging & fun part” of Amy’s day-to-day and makes her proud to work for such a forward-thinking organization.  


Response to Covid-19 

When the remote work order was issued in March, the operations team has worked diligently to great a safe work environment by creating new shift teams where  employees in our 24/7/365 NOC were strategically split between onsite teams and remote support teams. This was implemented in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. Fibertown is also coming up with more creative solutions for working with new customers and better understanding some of the challenges they are facing. Whether it’s being short staffed or having longer delay times, Fibertown is offering complimentary move-ins to offset some of those delays and costs. They are collectively trying to do as much as they can to help support a successful relocation, even amidst these trying times.  

The biggest challenge that was faced, due to the pandemic, was making sure Fibertown could continue to provide customers with the level of support they were known for while eliminating the exposure of the virus to clients and employees. They did so by scheduling onsite appointment times with customers, following CDC and local health authority guidelines, and offering free hands & eyes for customers through December 31st. The Fibertown operations team has provided thousands of hours of complementary services to customers during the pandemic and continues to exceed industry standards by being able to facilitate moves for customers in 3 days that would normally require 90 days, another competitive advantage 


Hands & Eyes 

Fibertown made the decision to offer the Hands & Eyes service which runs $150-$250 per hour for free to new and existing customers until the end of the year. Fibertown’s main focus has been and continues to be providing top of the line onsite customer support that allows their customers to stay safe and stay home with the assurance that their mission critical infrastructure is being taken care of. While the teams have been working on helping customers, they were also learning new technologies allowing for the team to scale up in the process. They have also been implementing deep cleans of the data centers, while holding to the CDC guidelines of screening, mask wearing and social distancing in order to keep employees and customers safe and healthy. Fibertown continues to provide a high standard of excellence and safety to their customers and employees alike showcasing their commitment to the community- making them one of our exceptional partners! 

Please reach out to Tony & Amy if you have any questions about Data Centers, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery:  

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