There’s a reason why a Power BI dashboard is considered and treated as a canvas by those in the know. Like the medium it’s named after, Power BI has the unique ability to convey meaning to what can sometimes seem abstract: in this case, your data.

Imagine taking what is usually a daunting task: communicating the meaning of data to your team, who have no idea what the data means, how to interpret it and most importantly recognize the opportunity it presents. For many of them, it’s just more numbers to scribble down and forgot about. Sure, you see the potential for opportunity; the numbers shout it to you, but your team can’t hear it, and they certainly can’t see it. At least not yet.

Invest in growth:
If you want your team to invest in your vision of growth, they need to see what you see, but in a way that makes sense to them. Your data may tell a valuable story, but it is valuable only if your team can understand it. They need to be able to visualize its potential.

Research in how people learn states that people learn best when information is provided in easily accessible chunks and within a visual motif. A dashboard is an excellent method to provide information in such a way, but there are dashboards, and then there’s Power BI.

Visualize with PowerBI:
Power BI is a great resource to incorporate into your enterprise, as it brings with it a wealth of visualization tools, designed to translate your most complex numbers into a well designed, engaging dashboard design. For better outcomes you need to go beyond standard dashboards and incorporate one which provides enhanced functionality; something PowerBI is uniquely positioned to provide.

IronEdge can provide the training and tools, allowing your team to utilize Power Bi’s ability to transform complex data into an accessible resource, communicating critical information at a glance. Further, with Power BI, the ‘canvas’ of information isn’t static, but customizable. This flexibility allows you to present real-time data changes, run simulations and provide your team the ability to experience the story your data contains, in a language they can all understand.

Some of Power BI’s’ advantages include:

  • Ability to bring focus to Important data
  • Visualizing of data allowing for efficient acquisition of information. 
  • Navigate and display Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)
  • Displays mixed content, such as videos and snippets of web pages

It’s time for your entire team to be able to communicate, share data and goals designed to take advantage of opportunities. Power BI is a turnkey solution which will allow your data to find its voice and help guide your organization to new possibilities. As PowerBI specialists, IronEdge can equip your team with the tools needed to accomplish all of your goals. To learn more, reach out to us at 832-910-9222.