b2ap3_thumbnail_strange_chargers_for_mobile_400.jpgEvery mobile device owner has some kind of charging cord (or cords!) they keep nearby. Most of us don’t think twice about our charging cord and we just use what came with the device. However, when it comes to charging our phones, we’ve got several options available that make the standard charger seem rather boring. Here are five of our favorite chargers.

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What are you to do if you’re on a camping trip, your battery is running low, and there’s no outlet to be found? If you’re the owner of a PowerPot, then you simply start a campfire, heat up a cup of Joe, and plug your phone into your PowerPot. Using thermoelectrics, PowerPot has the ability to take the difference in power between the heat of the pot’s outside in relation to the substance inside the pot. What results is a charging output of five watts within a few seconds. This will provide you with enough power to make a call, assuming that your phone can get reception in the middle of the woods.

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EverPurse Clutch
EverPurse Clutch is a clever way to charge your device using your wallet. This specialty wallet contains a 4,200 mAh battery that your phone can plug into, and like a regular wallet, it has room for your credit cards, cash, car keys, along with a special pocket for your phone. This is the perfect solution for charging while on the go so you’re not tethered to an electrical outlet.



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Tigra BikeCharge
If you’re a bicycle enthusiast and you love technology too, then the Tigra BikeCharge is perfect for you. This unique charger attaches to your bicycle wheel and then harnesses kinetic energy to charge your device. The faster you pedal translates to more power generated for your device’s battery. At three miles per hour, it would take BikeCharge two-to-three hours to fully charge the average smartphone, and as a bonus, BikeCharge can be used as a headlight.



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Emergency Lantern
The emergency lantern by Hammacher Schlemmer is charged via hand crank. One minute of vigorous cranking provides the lantern with enough power for ten hours of light. When fully charged, the emergency lantern can provide 48 hours of light on low and six hours on high. The emergency lantern comes with a connection to charge your smartphone, and a fully charged lantern battery can charge the average smartphone for two full charges.



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Horizon MiniPak
Tech company Horizon has figured out a clever way to charge devices by harnessing the power of hydrogen. The Horizon MiniPak comes with a fuel cell which contains a metal alloy to absorb hydrogen from water. The MiniPak then recombines the hydrogen with oxygen pulled from the air to generate power. Practically speaking, this might not be as conventional as cranking the emergency lantern, but nevertheless, it’s pretty cool to have your smartphone charged by a chemical reaction.


Who knew that something as mundane as charging your phone could be done in so many different ways? These are our five favorite new phone chargers. It’s difficult for us to pick out which one we like the most. What about you? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.