Projects and Solutions

Business Intelligence Projects & Solutions

You might have an enterprise level BI team,or just a one man band. There are some projects that are too urgent or outside of your team’s current skill set to complete with the accuracy that an analytics project deserves. You need an experienced team that can swiftly move in and work cooperatively with an established group to provide fast, actionable results. Our ability to integrate with your team, ensuring a successful outcome, is second to none.

How Our Process Works



IronEdge analysts work directly with our clients ensuring the creation of the right questions, getting to the root of a business problem. We drive through industry buzzwords and terminology to help clients distill unique questions using data and visual representation to solve problems.



The IronEdge Team will set the table for success by documenting common terminology, values, and deliverables. IronEdge believes that reports and dashboards must tell a story and provide intuitive action for users.



IronEdge works with clients showing results within the first 90 days, keeping momentum for BI initiatives. Our philosophy is that adoption by business users is critical for reports to become widely accepted. We provide training and maintenance plans for reports, ensuring users understand the deliverable.

What Our Clients Say…

“The project went great. You all are very knowledgeable and have some good pointers for us. In our discussion, it was very apparent that we need to work through some issues with our data. Our internal IT group is working on that. Looking forward to more work together.”

Aaron | Large Engineering Manufacturer

Power BI Projects and Solutions Include:

  • Data modeling and cleansing
  • Report wire framing and visualizations
  • Power BI Service architecture best practices
  • Power BI Embedded prototyping
  • Report and Dashboard Conversions
    • Tableau Conversions
    • Excel Conversions
    • Crystal Conversions