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Enhance the Capability of Power BI Q&A with Cortana


Power BI Q&A eliminates another barrier to understanding your data by allowing your team to use natural language to interact with Power BI. Power BI Q&A creates an environment which is intuitive and comfortable,  encouraging your team to delve deeper into the insights provided by your data and the opportunities which may present themselves.

With Power BI Q&A, team members can interact with Power BI naturally and familiarly. What could be a more natural way to make a data query than typing something like, “What were the total sales last year?” Not only would Power BI understand the imputed question, but it would also automatically display the data in the most visually useful way, allowing for more in-depth comprehension.

As we noted in previous discussions about Power BI, a big part of its appeal is that it allows your team, regardless of their skill set, the ability to understand the data.The visualization tools of Power BI translates your data into an understandable map, which allows your team to follow where the data is leading.  

We can see how Power BI Q&A is a significant step towards making data more accessible. This is important because when your team better understands the insights your data represents, actionable opportunities are more easily recognized. With all the value there already is with Power BI Q&A, Microsoft’s integration of Cortana takes Power BI to the next level.

Cortana, when integrated with Power BI Q&A, can dramatically change how your team interacts with your data. Now instead of typing in a question, they can verbally ask Cortana, using natural language, familiar terms and receive an answer to their query. Being able to literally ‘speak’ to your data creates a feeling of comfort and can reduce the tendency of some team members to treat data as if it’s something to be avoided.

The addition of Cortana to Power BI opens a new range of possibilities to an even wider audience and more understanding. More interaction with the data leads to more engagement, more engagement leads to more commitment, which in turn leads to implementation and ultimately results in the form of actionable objectives.

The more barriers you remove from your data and your team, the more opportunities you have to act upon it. Power BI with Cortana allows team members who may have felt locked out because they couldn’t access the data themselves, the ability to interact with Power BI on their terms.  And that can only bring good things to your team and your entire organization.

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