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Automation is the New Firewall of Network Security


The basics of network security have remained the same for a long time. In order to keep threats out of your infrastructure, you take advantage of proactive solutions that prevent them from infiltrating in the first place. However, the state of network security--particularly in the enterprise environment--has evolved significantly over the years to the point where it’s practically impossible for security analysts to keep up.

On average, 80% of organizations receive as many as 500 severe or critical cybersecurity alerts every day. How many of these do you think are actually investigated? Who has time to take a deep dive and investigate every single security instance on your enterprise’s network? Less than 1% of these alerts are addressed properly, which is entirely unacceptable when the future of your organization hangs in the balance.

Unfortunately, the average security analyst can’t hold up to this impossible standard--not on their own, anyway. One analyst can properly investigate, on average, about 10 alerts every day. At this rate, enterprises would need upward of 50 analysts in order to handle all of the incoming security alerts. They would even have to work every hour of every day just to keep up. You don’t need me to tell you that this is unreasonable.

To find a solution to this predicament, enterprises are turning toward the increasingly-popular concept of automation. In fact, according to a study by Enterprise Strategy Group, sponsored by McAfee and several other technology vendors, 60% of enterprises find that manual processes are a major reason why it’s so difficult to keep security from being optimized. It makes sense. If you have to do the same thing multiple times, it’s best to find a way to automatically do it so that you don’t waste time and resources that are better spent elsewhere. The study by ESG earned results that show the following as prime opportunities for automation within enterprise network security:

  • Integrate threat intelligence from outside of your internal security data collection and analysis
  • Create custom functionality that takes priority over your existing security measures
  • Automate basic security practices, such as updating endpoint security and implementing patches and security updates
  • Integrate security tools with your IT operational infrastructure
  • Collect data from various security tools and centralize it
  • Create custom processes that can collect and extrapolate data from various security tools
  • Actively root out security problems on your network and workstations
  • Perform historical analyses of various threats on your network
  • Build a workflow that distributes security tasks based on position and rank within your organization (i.e. handing lesser tasks to less experienced security analysts)
  • Keep a timeline of each security event on your infrastructure

Automating these functions can be of great benefit for your enterprise, allowing your IT department much more flexibility and freeing up their schedules for other tasks. Automation is typically best used on tasks that are more common than others, such as setting policies, moving threats with specific characters to a quarantine, and so much more. In a way, you can consider these new preventative measures the new firewall. Just like a firewall keeps simple threats out of your network infrastructure, automation makes sure that all network security discrepancies, no matter how small, are dealt with in a suitable fashion.

IronEdge Group can help your enterprise automate the processes of network security so that your business can focus more on what matters most; keeping operations moving as safely and securely as possible. Furthermore, we can offer a remote monitoring and maintenance solution that keeps your techs focused on innovating rather than managing and maintaining your security solution. It’s just one way that outsourcing can help your enterprise take better advantage of business technology solutions and remove the burden of manual work from your workers.

Is your enterprise considering automated network security? If not, then you should. To get an idea of what your enterprise specifically needs, why not reach out to us and ask?

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