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6 Reasons You NEED to be Outsourcing At Least SOME of Your IT


Have you ever given any thought outsourcing your IT operations? When thinking of the best way to handle your technology, the idea of outsourced IT has probably been considered a time or two. Despite all the positives, there are a lot of reasons that businesses are hesitant to implement it.

Some associate outsourcing with offshore, long distance outsourcing options that might compromise customer service or present complications with normal operating hours. Others are concerned than outsourcing IT goes beyond their needs and their budget. In reality, there is a local IT outsource option that can meet the demands of any company’s needs and budget. Let’s take a look at six reasons why your business should be outsourcing their IT.

  • Time and Resources: Whether you’re planning on outsourcing all of your business’ technology procedures or just a few daily operations to assist your current IT department, outsourcing IT will free up time and resources. You and your team can focus on furthering your business, whether that be focusing on the core services or planning and implementing a new project or process. When all’s said and done, this major advantage afforded by IT outsourcing is one that any business, of any size and industry, will benefit from.
  • Lowers Risk of Loss from Recruiting, Hiring, Training: No matter how well you’ve screened a recruit, there is always some risk associated with a new hire. There is a significant upfront investment of money and time that goes into the process of advertising, recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training an employee. It’s a lengthy process and, in the event that this investment doesn’t work out, can result in a significant blow to a budget - not to mention time lost by those who devoted their time and energy in training the would-be team member. IT outsourcing means that you are no longer taking on the risk of a new employee. Instead, you’re taking on a team of experienced, knowledgeable technicians and engineers that are able to perform the tasks, as needed, from the date they’re hired.
  • Accountability is Clear: Odds are that your employees wear many hats. From the smallest business to the largest enterprises, your employees are probably tasked with several different operations throughout their day. This can create some confusion when an issue arises. Who is responsible for technology? Should the operator have noticed the issue? Or should it have been your IT team, or even their head of the technology department? When it comes to who is responsible for completing a task by a certain time or date and keeping your IT up-and-running at all times, outsourcing your IT operations makes accountability for technology processes clear.
  • Team of Specialists Reduces Dependence on an Individual: For many businesses, technology is 100% essential for daily operations. This means, that if an issue with technology happens to arise when there is no one around to resolve it, operations may come to a grinding halt. By outsourcing IT, this issue is completely bypassed! Instead of depending on a single person who has the know-how to repair an IT issue, you have an entire team of specialists dedicated to keeping your technology up and running.
  • Consistent Monitoring, Maintenance and Patching: Cybercrime activity is constantly growing and evolving. This means that, whether you realize it or not, your network is always under the threat of malware and hacking attacks. One of the most effective ways of preventing an attack is through constant monitoring, regular maintenance and vetting and applying important security patches. These three things might seem simple enough, but are often overlooked or pushed to the back burner by something that seems more pressing at the time. The fact is that many of the recent ransomware and malware attacks could have been prevented by the application of a simple security patch. By outsourcing your IT, your network will be properly monitored and maintained. Patches will be vetted, whitelisted and applied as they are released, preventing your business from falling prey to cyber criminals that count on your network having vulnerabilities that have been forgotten or ignored.
  • Scalable and Economic: Outsourced IT services are often dismissed as too expensive or too extravagant. In reality, outsourcing your technology operations means that you’ll be able to choose the most affordable option to meet the needs of your business. Whether you need a team to handle all of the needs of your small business, or to take over a single daily process from your enterprise’s internal IT team, the odds are that there is an outsourced IT solution that will be able to meet your needs exactly, for an extremely economic price. The best part is that outsourcing your IT is scalable and can grow or shrink as required by your business.

With offices in both Houston and San Antonio, IronEdge is more than just your average IT outsourcing company. With our superior outsourced IT solutions and business intelligence, we want you to love IT again. Whether you want us to manage your IT totally or co-manage your technology along with an internal IT team, we can help! Call us today at 800-987-4766.

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