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Ryan Lakin - President

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Ryan Lakin


From a young age, Ryan liked to take things apart to see how they work. That same passion is now channeled into making things work for his clients. Ryan is focused on delivering an exceptional client experience in everything IronEdge does through instilling a culture of service to all IronEdge team members.

Prior to founding IronEdge in 2005, Ryan had IT experience in Technology Consulting for both large enterprises and small businesses. During that time he developed a specialized emphasis in Healthcare Enterprise deployments and associated compliance.

Ryan enjoys being an active member of EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization), and when he is not busy exchanging emails with clients or checking in on IronEdge's current list of projects, he is most content spending his remaining free time with his wife and three sons.

Our Core Values


Be creative, passionate and committed



Make each experience in life remarkable



Strive for knowledge, growth and learning in order to be the best in all you do



In all things be fair and equitable



Create lifelong relationships through listening, respect and transparent communication

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